Thursday, July 3, 2014

How do you avoid fear focus?

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"I, I'm the One comforting you. What are you afraid of-- or who? Some man or woman who'll soon be dead? Some poor wretch destined for dust? You've forgotten me, God, who made you, who unfurled the skies, who founded the earth. And here you are, quaking like an aspen before the tantrums of a tyrant who thinks he can kick down the world. But what will come of the tantrums?" (Isaiah 51:12-13, The Message)

There is a lot of fear in the world. A. LOT. It sometimes seem that fear is in the driver's seat of the world. It certainly is the center of the evening news. Wars, terrorism, violence, conspiracies, cover-ups, tyranny, contamination, drugs ... I could sit here and make the list longer for awhile. And you could add some that I missed.

And just like some people seem lost without something to complain about, others seem lost without something to be afraid of. (Yes, I know I ended a sentence with a preposition. I'm not afraid of the grammar police).

In these verses in Isaiah, God puts this fear in perspective. Have we forgotten Him? Have we forgotten who is really in the driver's seat? Do we really believe that the One who spoke this planet into existence has lost control of it?

Question: What practical ideas do you have to help others avoid a focus on fear?

Leave a comment below.  Your perspective would really benefit our community.

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